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 Example Reader Review

5.0 out of 5 stars

"Are you an armchair Physicist?

This is a fascinating and easily accessible intro to Quantum Physics and all the weird and wonderful ways it explains the world around us.

     The book features both the history of the science (with terrific personal stories of the historical figures who made physics what it is today) and equally fascinating entries on the amazing technological wonders quantum physics has filled our world with today.

     You definitely do NOT need a background in physics to read this - just an interest in how our world works.

     The author obviously loves his subject and pretty quickly into reading this, you'll find yourself loving it as well.

     While likely way too simply for the serious scientist, this book is just perfect for the armchair physicists among us!"

                 - Outlaw Poet (3/27/17 - Top 500 reviewer Vine Voice, Amazon Vine Customer Review of Free Product)

Media Reviews

"Be sure to check out Quantum Fuzz for a fascinating exploration into modern physics.”

                --AstroGuyz (4/21/17)

“[F]or those looking for a basic introduction to quantum mechanics without detailed math or physics discussions, this book can help explain the quantum universe and its importance to actions on far larger scales.”

                --The Space Review (3/27/17)

“Walker attacks his subject with energy, examining experimental and theoretical results; implications such as entanglement; and the apparent disjunction between general relativity and quantum mechanics. The passages on applications, from quantum computing and encryption to nanotubes and graphene, are gripping…”

                --Nature (2/15/17)

Advance Reviews


“Quantum Fuzz is an engaging book that ventures way beyond what the title implies. As promised, Walker explains quantum mechanics to a general audience by way of analogies, a difficult task that he accomplishes smoothly. But he doesn’t stop there. Astronomy, computers, physics, and some aspects of modern technology from his professional engineering experience are addressed with clear, precise explanations. As a bonus, chemistry and the periodic table have the most cogent exposition I have ever seen, especially since it is viewed from a physics standpoint. This is a welcome addition to any thoughtful person’s library.”

               —Arthur W. Wiggins, Physics Professor Emeritus at Oakland Community College and coauthor of The Human Side of Science


“A good introduction for the general reader to the theory and applications of quantum mechanics. It includes one of the best descriptions of the history of the discovery of quantum mechanics that I have seen.”

               —Fred Kuttner, PhD, coauthor of Quantum Enigma: Physics Encounters Consciousness


“Guided by Walker’s careful, clear, and comfortable writing, you will discover a new way of understanding matter, energy, and the universe as a whole.”

               --Alfred “Fred” B. Bortz, PhD, author, and winner of the American Institute of Physics Science Writing Award.


“Well-written and easy to read. Quantum Fuzz is an excellent introduction for anyone reading about physics for the first time, and also a good review for physics students. Very comprehensive and enjoyable. Highly recommended.”

              —Barry Parker, author of The Physics of War

Description on the Front Flap


Quantum physics has turned our commonsense notion of reality on its head. This accessible book describes in layperson’s terms the strange phenomena that exist at the quantum level—a world of tiny dimensions where nothing is absolutely predictable, where we rethink causality, and where information seemingly travels faster than light. The author, a veteran physicist, uses illuminating analogies and jargon-free language to illustrate the basic principles of the subatomic world and show how they explain everything from the chemistry around us to the formation of galaxies. He explains how scientists and engineers interact with this nebulous reality and, despite its mysteries, achieve results of great precision.

     The book provides a brief history of the early twentieth-century “quantum revolution,” focusing on some of the brilliant individuals whose contributions changed our view of the world—Albert Einstein, Niels Bohr, Paul Dirac, Werner Heisenberg, Erwin Schrödinger, and others. It also includes a discussion of the many amazing inventions that have resulted from quantum theory, including lasers, semiconductors, and the myriad of electronic devices that use them.

     Lucidly written, this book conveys the excitement of discovery while expanding the reader’s appreciation for a science that explores the basis of everything we know.

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